Vice President’s Welcome Message

Welcome to Ecclesiastical Institutional College of Higher Learning, a college with a distinguished history and curriculum. I am so glad that you have chosen to become part of the EICOHL family.

For over pass years, I have witness as EICOHL has grown, beginning from a Ecclesiastical Institutional College of Higher Learning Church into a bible college with worldwide student body. Over those years, many things have changed at EICOHL so that our students might have the best opportunities to receive a bible education while actively serving in the field. Yet, one thing has not changed and will not change, and that is EICOHL’S commitment to teaching God’s Word in a verse-by-verse style as frequently as is possible in every EICOHL program.

As I close, I want to thank you for allowing me to visit with you in these few lines. Should you persevere and graduate with a distinguished EICOHL Diploma or Certificate, I hope that you will attend our on-site graduation so that I might be able personally to hand you your well-earned diploma/certificate from Ecclesiastical Institutional College of Higher Learning, one of the best Bible education in Canada.

In Christ’s Service,
Vice President, (NLKMBC)

Classes Times

10:30 Am – 03:00 Pm
06:00 Pm – 08:30 Pm